SqlSyntax class

The syntax used by a particular SQL dialect.

public abstract class SqlSyntax

Public Members

name description
static Default { get; } The default syntax.
static MySql { get; } The syntax for MySQL.
static Postgres { get; } The syntax for PostgreSQL.
static Sqlite { get; } The syntax for SQLite.
static SqlServer { get; } The syntax for Microsoft SQL Server.
virtual ParameterPrefix { get; } The prefix for named parameters.
virtual UseSnakeCase { get; } True if snake case should be used when generating column names.
virtual EscapeLikeFragment(…) Escapes a fragment of a LIKE pattern.
virtual QuoteName(…) Quotes the specified identifier so that it can be used as a schema/table/column name even if it matches a keyword or has special characters.
Render(…) Renders SQL as text and parameters.
WithSnakeCase() Returns a SQL syntax that uses snake case when generating column names.

Protected Members

name description
SqlSyntax() The default constructor.

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