Faithlife.Data assembly

Faithlife.Data namespace

public type description
static class DataRecordExtensions Extension methods for IDataRecord.
abstract class DbConnectionCloser Closes the connection when disposed.
abstract class DbConnector Encapsulates a database connection and any current transaction.
struct DbConnectorCommand Encapsulates the text and parameters of a database command.
class DbConnectorResultSets Encapsulates multiple result sets.
class DbConnectorSettings Settings when creating a DbConnector.
struct DbParameters An immutable list of parameters.
class DbProviderMethods Provides provider-specific database access methods.
abstract class DbTransactionDisposer Disposes the transaction when disposed.

Faithlife.Data.BulkInsert namespace

public type description
class BulkInsertSettings Settings for bulk insert.
static class BulkInsertUtility Methods for performing bulk inserts.