DbConnectorSettings class

Settings when creating a DbConnector.

public class DbConnectorSettings

Public Members

name description
DbConnectorSettings() The default constructor.
AutoOpen { get; set; } If true, automatically opens the connection.
CurrentTransaction { get; set; } The current transaction of the connection.
DefaultIsolationLevel { get; set; } The isolation level used when BeginTransaction(Async) is called without one.
LazyOpen { get; set; } If true, does not actually open the connection until it is needed.
NoDispose { get; set; } If true, does not dispose the connection when the connector is disposed.
ProviderMethods { get; set; } Provider-specific database methods.
SqlSyntax { get; set; } The SQL syntax to use when formatting SQL.
WhenDisposed { get; set; } Called when the connector is disposed.

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