Faithlife.Globalization assembly

Faithlife.Globalization namespace

public type description
class Culture Represents a culture.
static class CultureInfoUtility Helper methods for working with CultureInfo.
struct LanguageName Encapsulates a language name; specifically, a language and region tag.
enum LanguageNameMatch Describes a comparison between two language names.
class LanguageNameMatchComparer Compares two LanguageName objects according to how well they each match a base language.
struct SortableTitle Encapsulates a title and its “sort as” string.
static class SortTitleUtility Provides methods for creating and manipulating sort titles.
enum UnicodeCharacterClass The major class of a Unicode character’s general category.
static class UnicodeUtility Utility methods for working with Unicode characters.

Faithlife.Globalization.Numerals namespace

public type description
enum ChineseNumeralFormat The different types of Chinese numerals.
static class ChineseNumerals Provides methods for converting strings of Chinese numerals to and from integers.
static class RomanNumerals Provides methods for converting strings of roman numerals to and from integers.