Faithlife.Json assembly

Faithlife.Json namespace

public type description
class DefaultValueDefaultAttribute Sets the DefaultValue to new T() for the specified type.
class JsonFilter Filters data from JSON.
class JsonSettings Settings for reading/writing JSON via JsonUtility.
static class JsonUtility Helper methods for working with Json.NET.
static class JTokenUtility Utility methods for JToken.

Faithlife.Json.Converters namespace

public type description
class CamelCaseEnumJsonConverter Uses camel case when rendering enumerated types.
class EnumAsIntegerJsonConverter Uses integers when rendering enumerated types.
class GuidLowerNoDashJsonConverter Parses and renders a GUID as a no-dash lowercase string.
class IsoDateOnlyJsonConverter Parses and renders a date (no time) in ISO format.
class IsoDateTimeOffsetJsonConverter Parses or renders a DateTimeOffset.
class IsoDateTimeUtcJsonConverter Parses or renders a DateTime of DateTimeKind.Utc.
abstract class JsonConverterBase<T> Base class for simple JSON converters.
class OptionalJsonConverter Supports JSON conversion of Optional{T}.
class UInt64JsonConverter Writes ulong values as strings. This avoids a JsonReaderException for values greater than long.MaxValue.
class UnixDateTimeConverter Handles conversion an integer representing a unix UTC timestamp and a UTC DateTime.