SimpleDataflow<T> class

A linear pipeline of data using TPL dataflow.

public sealed class SimpleDataflow<T>

Public Members

name description
Batch(…) Links a BatchBlock to the pipeline.
BoundedCapacity(…) Sets the bounded capacity for the next blocks.
EnsureOrdered(…) Sets ordered processing for the next blocks.
ExecuteAsync() Executes the pipeline.
ForAll(…) Executes the specified action on each item in the pipeline. (3 methods)
LinkTo<TNext>(…) Links the specified block to the pipeline.
MaxDegreeOfParallelism(…) Sets the maximum degree of parallelism for the next blocks.
Transform<TNext>(…) Links a TransformBlock to the pipeline. (3 methods)
TransformMany<TNext>(…) Links a TransformManyBlock to the pipeline. (3 methods)

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