DotNetDocsSettings class

Used to generate Markdown documentation from XML comments.

public sealed class DotNetDocsSettings

Public Members

name description
DotNetDocsSettings() The default constructor.
FindAssemblies { get; set; } Called to find multiple assemblies for the specified project.
FindAssembly { get; set; } Called to find the assembly for the specified project.
GitAuthor { get; set; } Commit author used to push to git.
GitBranchName { get; set; } The name of the git branch where documentation is generated.
GitLogin { get; set; } Credentials used to push to git.
GitRepositoryUrl { get; set; } The URL of the git repository where documentation is generated.
ProjectHasDocs { get; set; } A function that returns true if documentation should be generated for the project.
SourceCodeUrl { get; set; } The GitHub URL of the directory containing the source code.
TargetDirectory { get; set; } The target directory for generated documentation, relative to the root of the repository; defaults to "docs".
Clone() Clones the settings.

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