Faithlife.Build assembly

Faithlife.Build namespace

public type description
static class AppRunner Runs command-line apps.
class AppRunnerSettings Settings for running apps.
class BuildApp Represents the command-line application for the build.
static class BuildEnvironment Information about the build environment.
class BuildException A build exception.
class BuildFlag A no-value command-line flag for the build.
class BuildOption A single-value command-line option for the build.
static class BuildRunner Used to execute an automated build.
class BuildTarget A build target.
static class BuildUtility Helper methods for build scripts.
static class DotNetBuild Supports .NET builds.
class DotNetBuildOptions The options and flags used by DotNetBuild.
class DotNetBuildSettings Settings for a .NET build; see DotNetBuild.
enum DotNetBuildVerbosity The build verbosity.
class DotNetClassicTool Provides access to a classic NuGet packaged tool.
class DotNetCleanSettings Settings for cleaning projects.
class DotNetDocsSettings Used to generate Markdown documentation from XML comments.
class DotNetLocalTool Provides access to a .NET local tool.
class DotNetPackageInfo Information about a NuGet package.
class DotNetPackageSettings Settings for creating and publishing NuGet packages.
static class DotNetRunner Runs dotnet commands.
class DotNetTestSettings Settings for running .NET tests.
class GitAuthorInfo Information about a git commit author.
class GitLoginInfo Information used to login to git.
enum MSBuildPlatform The platform of MSBuild to run.
static class MSBuildRunner Runs MSBuild.
class MSBuildSettings The settings to use when running MSBuild.
enum MSBuildVersion The version of MSBuild to run.