DotNetBuildSettings class

Settings for a .NET build; see DotNetBuild.

public sealed class DotNetBuildSettings

Public Members

name description
DotNetBuildSettings() The default constructor.
BuildNumber { get; set; } The build number, if not specified on the command line. (Optional.)
BuildOptions { get; set; } The options and flags used by DotNetBuild.
CleanSettings { get; set; } Settings for cleaning projects.
DocsSettings { get; set; } Used to generate Markdown documentation from XML comments.
ExtraProperties { get; set; } A function that returns any extra properties for the specified build target.
MaxCpuCount { get; set; } The maximum number of CPUs to use when building.
MSBuildSettings { get; set; } Set to use MSBuild instead of dotnet to build the solution.
NuGetApiKey { get; set; } The NuGet API key with which to push packages.
NuGetSource { get; set; } The NuGet source to which to push packages. The standard public NuGet source if omitted.
PackageSettings { get; set; } Settings for creating and publishing NuGet packages.
ShowSummary { get; set; } True if a build summary should be displayed. (Default false.)
SolutionName { get; set; } The name of the solution file. Optional if there is only one solution in the working directory.
SolutionPlatform { get; set; } The default solution platform to build (optional).
TestSettings { get; set; } Settings for running unit tests.
Verbosity { get; set; } The build output verbosity.
Clone() Clones the settings.

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